Mateusz Piestrak,We ll catch each other,

Join us on a journey to understand how lockdown enabled a new type of creativity!

26th Nov to 14 Dec 2020 at PMQ, S209 

Presented by: KLIP Art and ARTA

Co-Presented by: Consulate General of the Republic of  Poland in Hong Kong

Venue Partner: PMQ

Supported by: The Polish Chamber of Commerce, Hong Kong and KLIP Lifestyle

Program Partner: deTour Festival

Project Curators: Natalia Mota, Dr Agnieszka Mori

Exhibition Director: Karolina King

Dates: 26 Nov 2020 – 14 Dec 2020 

Opening hours: 12:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Venue: PMQ, 2F, S209, Block A, 


KLIP ART & ARTA are excited to present their first group exhibition #STOPGAP2020 featuring 11 established and emerging artists from Central Europe and Hong Kong. The exhibition is a concurrent event of deTour, an annual design festival organized by PMQ Hong Kong and sponsored by Create Hong Kong of the Government of the HKSAR between 27th November and 6th December.

#STOPGAP2020 is asking the question of how artists from different parts of the world have used their time in lockdown or isolation, to create new artistic works, in response to their individual pandemic experience and the “new normal” of 2020. The exhibition presents pieces that relate to issues of the modern world, having a global and human dimension.

The exhibition presents various creative personalities, mediums and forms such as oil and acrylic paintings, collages made of sustainable materials, series of photographs, and last but not least detailed drawings with ink and pencil.  

#STOPGAP2020 is a celebration of creativity that resulted from a completely new reality in which we all found ourselves in, regardless of the place.

A specially curated program of talks, workshops and events with artists present will be held for the duration of the exhibition, to provide meaningful encounters and access points aimed at different audiences.

Participating Artists:


TwinklingCity no.23.gif
Michał Tatarkiewicz, Inactivity, diptych

 (1)SIM CHAN                                                                                     (2) MATEUSZ PIESTRAK                                        (3) MICHAŁ TATARKIEWICZ

Sim Chan, Piestrak and Tatarkiewicz have demonstrated distinctive styles of contemporary paintings which document their perception of the surrounding world. 


Chan, born and raised in Hong Kong spends most of his time at his studio in the Fotan area, depicting the local cityscape and the urban architecture, Sim Chan’s work expresses his observation and tactile sense of his city. At the show, Chan presents his TwinklingCity Series which showcases his very innovative technique that integrates contemporary oil paintings with new technologies and science.  

After many months of research, studies, and tests on colors and lights, Sim has created artworks that react to LED lights behind the canvas and spontaneously reveal a hidden side of the painting whenever the ambient light is switched off. To showcase the unique artworks you are invited to a room designed especially for this occasion.


Piestrak spent his 2020 in Poland, where he has been working on a new series of paintings showcasing what we all miss this year - physical relationships. His paintings are often designed as multi-layered, ambiguous puzzles that play with the viewer's perception and imagination.

Mateusz Piestrak showcases the series of work which he created during the lockdown, in solitude, observing his own emotions, thoughts, and intuitions.

Piestrak attempts to juxtapose or mix up different orders: history and fantasy, archive and creation, grotesque and horror to find an ambiguous, undecidable puzzle - stimulating the imagination and emotions rather than easily explainable with words.

Piestrak's love for photography and filmmaking gave him an idea of creating the innovative technique that he uses for all his abstract acrylic paintings. The technique incorporates the developing-photo-film-like process with his great attention to even the smallest detail on canvas

Tatarkiewicz on the other hand, attempts to reflect on the world as it is, by depicting the traces of time – including the imperfectness and nostalgic connection with objects and people in his home studio in Poznan, Poland. His images are closely related to his personal experiences and present a dialogue between a person and their close surroundings.

Francesco 3.png

(1)FRANCESCO LIETTI                                                                 (2) MARTIN RIESE

Francesco Lietti and Martin Riese have been known for their works depicting thires nostalgic  symbiosis, the themes of travel, discovery and favorite objects.


Liettie has been living in Hong Kong since early 2006 and his love of this vibrant, eclectic city is immediately apparent in his works. Using strong blocks of paint to represent the buildings, Lietti also includes smaller patches of textured color, which dance across the cityscape, giving it that dream-like, ephemeral quality. The artist works in acrylic and oils on canvas and also adds collage to give his paintings texture and depth. He then finishes his pieces with a thick, glossy resin, further enhancing the brightness of the colors.


On the other hand Riese works with his camera and new technologies to create vibrant black and white collages which he has been doing for many years, these collages were brought by the need for “social distancing,” many people have experienced some form of “retreat into the virtual world,” and the realm of internet-based technologies. Having lived in Hong Kong for 20 years, Martin Riese was also drawn into memories of life before the pandemic such as factory visits in China and life in Hong Kong. 

Image 17-1-2020 at 12.05 PM.JPG.jpg
Max Skorwider, Sumoplayer, 29,7x42cm.jpg

(1)ERNEST CHANG,                                                                   (2) MAX SKORWIDER


Ernest Chang and Max Skowider artworks are connected by desire to show their realities in an ironic and humorous way. 


In the case of Hong Kong-based Ernest Chang, his digital paintings bring the notion of identity of modern society in Asia through humoristic juxtaposing popular culture personas - cartoons and cultural references from their contemporary life. The Bling Dynasty series is an exploration of how - in recent years and in increasing likelihood - ‘luxury houses’ are more influenced by the buying trends of Chinese consumers as their economy grows and their spending habits outmatch anywhere else on this planet; rippling towards and reshaping the cultural landscape of the west and beyond.


Max Skorwider uses drawings, graphics, and posters to depict his reality in Central Europe. In an ironic and humorous way he illustrates his perspectives on the world we are living in right now. The recognisable symbols and pop culture characters allow viewers to interpret and ask questions about modern behaviors and beliefs. 

AgaMori,ScrapsofHKIII, 18x22 cm.jpg

 (1) STUDIO ZIBEN                                                             (2) AGA MORI


Studio Ziben and Aga Mori use transformation and reuse of simple, everyday materials to draw attention to the contemporary ideas about waste, consumption, and upcycling. Studio Ziben ideas arise spontaneously and intuitively through associations. In this way his designs always have a story to tell. Freedom, free thinking and spontaneity are key parts of Studio Ziben creative process. Studio Ziben designs are unexpected and full of humour - a reflection of the new Berlin and its youthful irreverence to tradition and convention and a reference to the Bauhaus movement.


Aga Mori, since moving to Hong Kong has been fascinated by this city’s diversity. The multicultural networks, escalators, media facades and connective megastructures are for her an endless inspiration. The artist underlines the significance of the notion of “fragmentation” for her own artistic creations. In her new series of mosaic collages she has recreated images, emotions and impressions of living in Hong Kong out of her private collection of paper materials, museum leaflets and newspapers  that she has been collecting over the years.’ 

WhatsApp Image 2020-09-24 at
13.Large malayan flying fox. 32-38cm.jpg



Last but not least Andreas von Buddenbrock & Zuzanna Lenartowicz-Malcher presents two different styles of detailed drawings with an incredible attention to detail. 


Working with a collection of fine-liner ink pens, Andreas always aims to capture the ambiance of any specific site depicted. Though sometimes confined to photographic reference, most of his drawings are made on-site, which requires several hours spent in one spot. This has led to many interesting interactions and stories that the artist frequently shares on his media platforms. 


Zuzanna portrays nature and animals which drive her to explore new horizons, and as such she said “We (people)  have an endemic desire to be close to nature and a curiosity about the world that pushes us in search of the unknown. In search of authenticity.” Deeply rooted in many cultures and for centuries, we have been trying to explore the nature surrounding us and try to tame, subdue and restrain it. Toads turning into princes, black cats bringing bad luck, white rabbits appearing from a hat, rats announcing plague, bats, vampires, and snakes symbolizing evil powers… In Zuzanna’s works, each animal’s name is hand-written in gothic letters used in the 11th century that the artist has been studying for many years.