Elegant, Intriguing, Collectable

We believe that no matter whether you are a gallerist, an artist or a collector, our online gallery can provide you with an innovative and carefully curated art collection and a digital space that brings transparency and equality to the art market.

We make it our mission to create an innovative and intriguing collection, regardless of your budget. In showcasing our carefully curated artists, we hope to allow art lovers and collectors alike to explore new artistic destinations, embrace new cultures and to be inspired by the original works of talented artists.

KLIP Lifestyle

is a platform registered under KLIP Lifestyle that represents established as well as emerging Artists and Designers from Central and Eastern Europe in Asia. KLIP Art cooperates with local and international partners organizing art exhibitions, talks and artistic events promoting European culture by onsite events and its own online gallery.

FOUNDERS & CREATORS: Agnieszka MORI & Karolina King


is a platform to connect art enthusiasts and collectors with creative gurus in Hong Kong. Arta collaborates with emerging and established artists based in South East Asia, while expanding the platform audience in new directions with the recently launched Arta podcast and YouTube channel, offering engaging conversations with some of Asia’s most creative and inspiring artist.